Plastiq’s recently-launched app allows users to pay any paper bill the like, at the snap of a photo.

Instead of using the bulky online bill payment systems offered by most banks, Plastiq’s app is set up to make one of life’s dullest tasks quick and seamless.  In addition to making bill payments easy, Plastiq allows its users to pay them with credit card -Even if credit cards are not accepted by the merchant.

Here’s how it works:

  • To use the app, users sign in or sign up for the Plastiq app on their smartphone.
  • Then, they snap a photo using the phone’s camera, and the app will analyze the information on the bill
  • The app determines factors like the amount owed, due date, and account information (such as an account number or memo line)
  • Users can opt to pay the bill immediately, or save it to pay at a later date.

The app also helps users keep track of when to pay their bills so they aren’t overdue, by sending push notifications to the user’s phone.

An app to make bill payments as easy as possible is a natural product extension for payments processing company Plastiq.  Plastiq was developed to let consumers pay any bill with a credit card, even if the merchant does not accept credit as a method of payment.  Since being founded by two Harvard graduates five years ago, the company has processed hundreds of millions of dollars of payments for hundreds of thousands of customers.