How many of these have you had the chance to invest in?

Fortune recently released its Unicorn List – a comprehensive list of private companies valued at $1 Billion or more.  Once a rare occurrence (hence the moniker ‘Unicorn’), there has been a proliferation of companies that have passed the billion-dollar mark. Read on for a selection of the most highly-valued private companies in existence today:

uber-logo Uber – Valuation $62B.

xiaomi-twitter-logo Xiaomi – Valuation $45B.

airbnb-twitter-logo Airbnb – Valuation $25.5B.

palantir-twitter-logo Palantir – Valuation $20.5B

snapchat-twitter-logo Snapchat – Valuation $16B

didi-kuaidi-logo Didi Kuaidi – Valuation $16B

flipcart-twitter-logo Flipkart – Valuation $15B

unicornprofilepic China Internet Plus – Valuation $15B

spacex-logo (1) SpaceX – Valuation $12B

pinterest-twitter-logo Pinterest – $11B


Additional well-known private companies that made the list:

#11 – Dropbox – $10B

#15 – Spotify – $8.5B

#19 – Lyft – $5.5B

#47 – Slack – $2.9B

#61  – Instacart – $2B