Pokemon Go has been the world sensation in the last couple of weeks. This is reflected in its presence in everyday life interactions, social media and news sources. Since its launch in around 4 days it saw an increase in share value by 24.52%. That’s not all, the company value has gone up by almost 15 billion dollars! (in numbers that is 15,000,000,000). Many opportunities have come from the launch of the augmented reality phone game, and Lyft is taking part on this window of opportunity.

The Pokemon Go fever has sparked the minds of entrepreneurs all over the world, and people have started to offer alternative ride-sharing services similar to that of Lyft and Uber’s but the main purpose of those transportation services is to catch Pokemon, visit gyms and Pokestops, instead of taking a customer from one place to another quickly. The Pokemon Go driving service is game-oriented focused on specific routes and a slower driving speed in order to achieve game objectives (catching Pokemon, stooping at Pokestops, driving ‘egg hatching speed’ etc.). Just like the new entrepreneurs, Lyft saw the opportunity and recently decided to join the competition and announced a limited time offer for its clients in Seattle.The offer consists in giving their Pokemon Go trainers a 20% discount so they can go out and hunt Pokemon all over the city.