Today Talend (NYSE: TLND), the big data integration company based in Paris, France (with primary business office in California), announced its entrance to the public market. Joining the IPO tech team of 2016. The company was expecting to raise $86.3 million, but they were more than surprised this morning when they saw the stock market.

This morning the Talend saw the optimism of investors, this partly because of the over $100 million raised in six rounds with top of the line backers such as Silver Lake and Idinvest Partners. According to a NASDAQ article, the underwriters for this offering were the reputable Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Barclays Capital and Citigroup.

Today Talend was trading way over its IPO price range of $15 to $17, experiencing a 52% growth opening the market with a stock price set at $27.66 per share. The company has raised already more than its $86.3 million goal. According to recent reports, the company has a total of $94.5 million.

Talend also released a timeline video showing its journey from the establishment of the company all the way till today’s launch to the public market.