The Tech industry has been the narrator of this year’s IPO environment up to date. With a relatively slow IPO market, there’s much to say about the benefits of the Private Equity market. But, no matter the slow speed of the IPO market, there is a common denominator in these year’s companies going public. That is, that the great majority of those companies come from the technology industry.


Line_(application)_logo.svgOn July 14, Line Corp. (NYSE:LN)launched itself into both, the NYSE and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Not only that, it  became the biggest IPO of 2016 to date. The Tokyo-based instant-messaging company famous for selling its ‘sticker emojis’, raised the outstanding amount of over $1.1 billion.


On July 22nd, Impinj Inc. (NASDAQ:PI), became the most successful Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip manufacturer company to IPO. Impinj produces chips that allow retailers to track inventory or manufacturers to track parts. Raising an astounding $67.2 million the 16 year old company also experienced over 20% growth on its stock price on its first day of trading


On June 23rd, Twilio (NYSE:TWLO)  the cloud communications company, had its IPO priced at $15 per share. Making one of the most shocking entrances in the public market this year when Twilio had an almost 92% hike in its IPO reaching a price of $37.08 per share! With a market cap of 2.4 billion this is probably the tech IPO that has  impressed investors the most this year. Read more on this story…

IPO of today:


On June 28th, Talend SA (NASDAQ:TLND), a startup with data integration software that simplifies the process of aggregating multiple data sets for later analysis, filed for a $86.25 million IPO. The promising company counts with a client portfolio of companies to the caliber of: Comcast, Ebay, General Electric, Samsung and so on.

Today, July 29th, Talend went public raising $94.5 million and making a name for itself in the industry. For a more extensive coverage on this story make sure to check out our blog post on Talend’s IPO.

Probable Future IPO:

Spotify logo

Spotify, the music streaming company that has disrupted the market has had investors craving an IPO. There have been many steps taken that lead to the conclusion that the company may be preparing for a public offering. And finally, sources have leaked when Spotify will IPO.