Lyft may not be the highest valued unicorn, but it certainly knows how to put in the extra work to keep its user base happy. The ride-sharing darling, once again pleases its customers by delivering client tailored products and making things easier for its customers.

Over the last year, Lyft has done a great job of engaging its audience through a series of promotions and enhancements that gives the company an edge over its competition. Remember that Pokemon Go boom? Yeah, so does Lyft. Not quite ready to take the Lyft plunge? They have an incentive and give  a first-timer $20 off their first ride. These are just a few examples of the endless partnerships and promotions the company has carried and is carrying in order to keep their customers happy.

According to a announcement of the company, now you can buy Lyft cards at your local Starbucks. This makes it easy for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts to discover the platform. This puts the company into new grounds where no ride-sharing company has been before. On this subject Oliver Hsiang, Lyft’s vice president of partnerships, said the following:”The partnership, we think, can help us not only reach new people, which is a huge goal of ours, but also get more people to take Lyft more frequently”.

Partnerships have been key for Lyft but it isn’t the only thing that the company is doing right. Lyft has listened to their users and it has delivered. A new feature is being introduced to the platform that again is a feature that disrupts the ride-sharing industry. What we’re referring to is that now users have the ability to key in multiple stops within the app. Lyft is a pioneer in this area and according to Business Insider, “Both users and drivers have long complained about this issue, so the feature seems like a natural step for the company. It’s likely that others will soon follow suit.”