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The popular home-sharing service Airbnb has partnered with Pantone to create an “Outside In” house in London that will be available to guests from all around the world from January 27-30. Hoping to encourage and inspire all those who visit, the idea behind the house was to embrace 2017 with fresh optimism and excitement. The house is complete with a woodland reception, an indoor greenhouse, garden bedroom with a mown lawn, a herb garden, and a tented nook for children to sleep in.


It seems the Communications Decency Act provided Snapchat a relief from a lawsuit that came about when the social media video chat’s “speed filter” was blamed as the cause of a highway crash back in September 2015. 18-year old Christal McGee allegedly was using the Snapchat speed filter while driving on a Georgia highway back in 2015, and crashed her Mercedes into a gray Mitsubishi. She was reportedly going 113 mph. While being led away on a stretcher, McGee Snap-chatted “lucky to be alive”. Snapchat’s attorney Mark Trigg told The Associated Press in an email statement that, “the judge’s ruling, in this case, is precedent -setting for the entire mobile app and product industry.”


Last but not least, Donald J. Trump was inducted into the White House last week as the 45th President of the United States. He also now owns the 48th largest private company in the U.S. CNN Money reported that in 2015, the Trump Organization had a revenue of $9.5 billion and employed 22,450 workers – bigger than McKinsey or Bloomberg L.P. The Trump Organization is now in management under Donald’s sons – Donald Jr. and Eric, alongside other executives.Trump tweeted on Twitter back in December 2015 that the company will not conduct any new deals during his term(s) in office.


Photo courtesy of Press at Airbnb.com