Snapchat (Snap Inc.) is exactly the type of company InvestX wants to bring to our investors and advisers. Innovative, disruptive and extremely dynamic. Snap Inc. has it all. 


View Snap Inc.’s Retail Roadshow video here.

Snapchat has become wildly popular among millions of different users across the globe. Snapchat has created a method for people to share stories, videos and pictures in real -time, but have them disappear or be deleted after 24 hours. With the introduction of filters, geotags and much more, Snapchat has revolutionized the camera, selfie and video sharing craze, worldwide. With its new Spectacles, that will be available for sale for $129.99 in most areas of the US in the coming weeks, they are branching out even more in the camera/technology industry.



CEO Evan Siegel gives the run-down on the company in a retail roadshow video (link in top picture), detailing how Snapchat started in one house on the beach back in 2011, and how it has evolved to be valued up to $22 Billion US today in 2017.


2011: Snapchat launch; 2012: Android video; 2013: Stories, Smart filters, Reply; 2014: Chat, Live stories, Geofilters, Snap Ads, etc.; 2015: Publisher stories, Snapcodes, Trophies, Lenses, etc.; 2016: Group chat, Shazam, Paint Brush, face sway and more.


The image above shows the product releases Snap Inc. has accomplished every year since it’s inception. Spiegel says they truly listen to their consumers’ needs and wants before actually creating a product. We wait in anticipation of their highly-followed public debut.


All screenshots taken from Snap Inc. Roadshow video.