As some of you may know, InvestX lives and breathes in the private equity marketplace, and so do big buck venture capitalists – one being billionaire Chris Sacca.


Venture Capitalist and “Shark Tank” judge Chris Sacca, is “hanging up his spurs” after spending years investing in private equity through his company Lowercase Capital. An early investor in Uber and Twitter, Sacca is retiring at the ripe age of 42 – two years later than he proposed in a journal entry he wrote back in his 20s. Sacca said Lowercase Capital will continue to support its current portfolio of companies but will no longer invest in companies going forward.

Sacca worked at a Silicon Valley law firm and Google before starting Lowercase Capital in 2007, going on to build his fortune and reputation in early investments in tech startups like Facebook.

He cited 4 rules he based his investment decisions on:

  1.  Invest only if you can add value to the company
  2. Invest in a company that’s already great
  3. ‘Give yourself a chance to get rich’
  4. Be proud of the deal

He plans on raising his 3 children and working with his partner Crystal on other humanitarian projects including climate disaster and criminal justice reform. Sacca says, “We are also deeply committed to paying forward the luck and opportunities we have enjoyed in our space. So we’ve been quietly backing the next generation of investors, but specifically women and people of colour who have been starting venture funds.”