Last week, DocuSign announced some growth numbers:

  • Year-over-year user growth hits 135%
  • More than 300,000 customers
  • More than 200 million users across 188 countries
  • Average of more than 300,000 users added daily


This week brings another development for the rapidly growing tech company. DocuSign announced its partnership with Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud services platform, which will enable the international scaling of DocuSign’s platform and service.

CEO Dan Springer commented on the partnership: “We need the agility to ramp up our cloud services quickly and efficiently to meet varying demands. We already have a strong carrier-grade private cloud infrastructure in place in many markets. But in choosing Microsoft Azure we have access to a highly secure, global cloud that offers data redundancy in multiple in-country locations for business continuity – something that’s an absolute prerequisite for us given we operate a high-availability business.”

DocuSign has chosen to initially focus this partnership on Canada given the potential of the digital transformation market and the country’s renewed focus on innovation.

Kevin O’Leary, celebrity entrepreneur on CBS’s Dragon’s Den and ABC’s Shark Tank, and a member of the DocuSign Advisory Board says, “With DocuSign I can now get to agreements faster, and deliver on those agreements with speed and agility. That has been a game-changer for me, and I have no doubt it will do the same for the public and private sector across Canada.”

As for DocuSign’s international expansion plans, the partnership with Microsoft Azure will provide the flexibility to meet the growing demand around the world.

Dan Springer believes, “There is incredible potential for digital transformation across Australia and New Zealand, Japan and greater Asia, Europe and many parts of Latin America. And we’re looking forward to our new-found flexibility to meet customer, partner and developer need in those markets thanks to Microsoft Azure.”

DocuSign’s rapid growth reflects the demand for DTM (Document Transaction Management) and e-Signature solutions on the global scale. Total demand for DTM is predicted to reach $30.6B by 2020.