Unicorn. The title all private companies are striving to achieve. Having a valuation of $1B+ places you in a group of the world’s elite companies.

According to CB Insights, as of May 26, 2017, there were 197 private companies that were classified as unicorns. So how many new unicorns has 2017 produced so far? Twenty-five. Twenty-five Venture Capital-backed companies have become unicorns in 2017 as per a Pitchbook report. See the full list below.

Here are some interesting facts about the unicorn landscape that CB Insights highlights:

  • 40 companies became unicorns in 2016
  • The most valuable private company in the world = UBER, valued at $68B
  • The majority of the world’s unicorns are based in the US – 54%
  • China places second – 23%
  • 14 private companies are considered decacorns, having a valuation of $10B+
  • Approximately 30% of the companies included in the unicorn club are valued at exactly $1B

We are excited to see how many more companies will achieve unicorn status in 2017 and which private companies InvestX could be offering to investors in the near future.

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