Lyft has been in the news this week with information about hiring an IPO Advisory firm, and a partnership with Ford Motor Co to develop self-driving vehicles. 

Reuters reported on Tuesday that Ford will collaborate with Lyft to deploy Ford self-driving vehicles on the ride-services company’s network in large numbers by 2021. The Ford and Lyft teams will work together to design software that allows Ford vehicles to communicate with the Lyft app.  Ford said it will invest $700 million to building electric and self-driving cars.

Major news was also released Thursday when Reuters reported that Lyft is close to hiring an advisory firm for an IPO. This is the first step the company has taken in the road to becoming publicly listed. Earlier this month, there was talk with Google’s Alphabet Inc. about investing into the company as well.

Sources say the ride-hailing company has already conducted interviews and expects to make a decision soon for an IPO advisory firm to lead the transaction.

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