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pme 20170714

Dropbox has announced a new cloud-based file-sharing option – Dropbox Professional – for individual business users with a new feature for marketing and creative types to share projects. 
This release is another paid subscription plan but is priced for independent workers rather than teams or companies. Many people familiar with the company say Dropbox could file for its IPO as soon as this year, and its latest release is a push to gain more paying subscribers before they decide to list.


Pinterest has added search ads to its Ads Manager, allowing businesses to target customers searching for specific items and products while using the platform.
This allows businesses to put an ad directly in front of the user, the moment they’ve expressed some intent or interest in an idea or product. Using the Ads manager, businesses can now target search ads against exact match keywords or phrases. Pinterest says they differ from Google because they can handle the awareness, the intent, and then the act of getting someone to either save or buy the product, all in one activity.


According to investment bank GP Bullhound, Spotify could go public with a valuation of $20 B. They say a number of reasons could impact its valuation; namely more paid subscribers, entrance into new markets and better deals with music labels. As well, another report put out by CNBC stated that Spotify is on pace to grow revenue 40% this year. Spotify’s results for the first half of the year showed revenues at $2.2 B.


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