Vancouver, BC – January 18, 2018- InvestX Master GP1 Inc. (“InvestX”) today announced it has launched the first-of-its kind growth equity fund that will accept both traditional and digital currency. The fund will be available to accredited investors in the US and internationally.

The fund marks a significant opportunity for digital currency investors to both de-risk their portfolio and capture some of their gains (and potentially, significant gains for early adopters) by diversifying into pre-IPO global companies.

InvestX provides advisers and their clients with access to investments in late-stage private companies. In addition to its individual offerings, the InvestX four-year fund will provide further diversification, investing in private companies that meet the same, specific investment criteria as the individual investments – at least $1 billion in valuation, a growth rate of 40% or greater, and evidence of a potential liquidity event in 12 to 36 months.

“We recognize that this is an unprecedented time for crypto currency,” said Marcus New, founder and CEO of InvestX. “At the same time, we also recognize the inherent risk that exists in the space, particularly for those investors with portfolios weighing heavily, and in some cases, solely in digital currency. Our aim is to provide access to additional investment opportunities for those with crypto holdings, while at the same time, providing these globally-minded investors with preferential access to positions in pre-IPO global companies.”

According to Bloomberg, the crypto market is severely concentrated, with approximately 1000 people owning 40% of all bitcoins and 100 accounts controlling 17% of the market.[1] Due to this, among other factors inherent within the digital currency market, many financial experts believe there is potential for a near-term market correction, with parallels to the crash[2] [3]. Additionally, due to its extreme illiquidity, a sell-off from a single, large account could trigger a significant downturn.[4]

InvestX makes the investing process simple and streamlined through its secure, online platform – whether an investor is contributing digital or regular currency. Unlike the currently unwieldy and expensive process required to exchange digital currencies into fiat, for investors using crypto currencies, funds can be transferred directly from their wallet to the InvestX wallet, with crypto converted to fiat at the spot rate using institutional crypto FX pricing. Digital wallet information is encrypted and stored on a secure offline database for repayment of invested capital and profits.

Accredited investors can find out how to invest in the InvestX Global Growth Equity Fund by visiting

About InvestX Master GP1

InvestX Master GP1 Inc. (“InvestX”) provides accredited investors, family offices, and institutional investors access to investments in the world’s leading late-stage private companies. Through InvestX, accredited investors can access institutional quality private equity deals, without the traditional multi-million-dollar investment minimums. For more information or to sign up for the platform, visit

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