Why Invest in Private Companies? 

Diversification – alternative investments enhance your portfolio with private market exposure. 

Increased Returns – private companies are staying private longer, investing in private companies has generated superior returns compared to traditional investment options.  

Investment advisors have historically had difficulties accessing private markets due to the high barriers of entry, liquidity issues, lack of information and a prolonged investment period of more than 3 years. 

To start, there are five key challenges around investing in private companies:  

  1. Getting access to private companies 
  1. Trades conducted over telephone creates significant price ranges 
  1. Manual documentation processing required by advisor 
  1. No transparency around buyers or sellers 
  1. Record keeping and reporting inefficiencies 

InvestX has addressed these issues by providing advisors and their clients access to pre-screened, high quality pre-IPO companies; and now we have removed another barrier by providing access to the InvestX Trading Platform, a real-time full transparent trading platform. InvestX Trading Platform features issuers like Airbnb, 23andMe, WeWork, Dataminr, SoFi, Indigo Agriculture, Palantir Technologies and Instacart to name a few!    

How we help you get access to private companies? 

InvestX provides access at low investment minimums with exclusive broker dealer distribution, and product offerings such as Funds, Special Purpose Vehicles and the Trading Platform. A one stop shop for investing in private company securities! 

The InvestX Trading Platform gives advisors and their clients the ability to add to their portfolio of investments or liquidate existing holdings when they need to. Advisors’ clients are no longer bound by the typical multi-year hold period and can trade what they want, when they want, in a quick, reliable and transparent way. 

With InvestX, the advisors and investors do not have to worry about selection of portfolio companies and the procurement of shares. InvestX does the work for you! 

Want to hear more about us or you think this is a good fit for you, contact us at platformsupport@investx.com to get access to the Trading Platform. 

Visit https://www.investx.com/ or click here to view our current offerings from InvestX.