Plastiq-Mastercard Partnership Targets International Tuition Payments


China is now the United States’ biggest source of international students – almost 1 in 3 international students are now from China.  These students are a lucrative source of income for universities, paying $9.8 billion of tuition and fees in the 2015 academic year. However, most colleges only accept payment by cheque or money order, which are slow and expensive.  Luckily, fintech platform Plastiq may have found a solution.

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Plastiq: The company taking the payments industry by storm


What do a 26-year-old Harvard graduate,  the ex-CEO of American Express,  and top venture capital firms have in common? The answer is Plastiq: a fast-growing private company with ambitions to revolutionize the way the world pays its bills.

Plastiq is the brainchild of CEO and co-founder Eliot Buchanan, who came up with the idea while he was still a student at Harvard.  Eliot struck on the idea when asking himself as an undergraduate student at Harvard in 2011:  Continue reading “Plastiq: The company taking the payments industry by storm”